Knee Replacement Surgery

Precise alignment is the key to knee replacement

x-ray image of knee

Your knees are taking a beating, and due to the aging process or things like old sports injuries, you may reach a point at which knee pain prevents you from carrying out many of your usual activities. Dr. Allen Van at the Perry Memorial Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Clinic is an orthopedic surgeon who offers the whole range of treatments for knee problems. Make an appointment with Dr. Van to find a real solution for your painful knees.

How do I know if I need knee replacement surgery?

There are many potential treatments for knee pain, including physical therapy, pain medication and injections. But if these treatments are not effective, it may be time to consider arthroscopy or knee replacement surgery.

What kind of knee replacement surgery is available?

One of the most important factors in successful knee replacement is the precision of the method used to align the knee replacement with your body. That’s why Dr. Van uses KneeAlign™ technology. This revolutionary system improves implant alignment compared to traditional mechanical guides.

How does the KneeAlign system differ from other knee replacements?

The KneeAlign system utilizes some of the same technology as is used in smartphones and even military technology, such as drone and missile guidance. Precision, high-tech sensors give the surgeon real-time data in order to determine the exact alignment needed. The result is a perfectly placed new knee for optimum performance. The outcome of your knee replacement depends on this precise implant positioning. Your age, weight, activity level and other factors will affect your final results.

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