Orthopedic surgeons can get you back on your feet

Orthopedic surgeons can address a multitude of painful problems related to joints and bones. Help is available to those with congenital problems, sports or other injuries, repetitive motion issues or mobility problems due to arthritis or injury. You can count on the experienced surgeon, Dr. Allen Van, at the Perry Memorial Orthopedic Clinic to provide expert musculoskeletal care whether your issue requires therapy or surgery or both. Dr. Van cares and listens, he treats each patient like family.

What are some of the most common orthopedic procedures?Dr. Allen Van assessing an elderly female patients leg

Knee and shoulder arthroscopy, repair of torn ligaments and tendons, joint replacement, carpal tunnel release and many other surgeries can relieve pain and/or increase mobility.

Is treatment available for sports injuries?

Yes, sports injuries are one of the common indications for orthopedic therapy and/or surgery.

How do I know it’s time for a joint replacement?

Perhaps it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do normal activities, like going downstairs or lifting a bag of groceries. Maybe the pain in your joint is keeping you awake at night. If you’re experiencing pain in a joint, talk to your doctor. Dr. Van will be able to evaluate the cause of your pain and advise you as to your best option, including both non-surgical and surgical treatments. At Perry Memorial Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Clinic, listening to our patients is essential to developing a personalized plan of care. 

What surgical techniques are used?

Whenever possible, minimally invasive procedures are used. A thin, flexible tool called an arthroscope makes it possible to access the area via small incisions. If you’re a candidate for minimally invasive surgery, you’re likely to experience less pain and faster healing.

Dr. Van will decide what kind of procedure is best for you in your particular situation.

How can I reach the Perry Memorial Orthopedic Clinic?

Call 815-876-3033.