Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery & Back Pain Treatment

Herniated Disc, Spinal Stenosis, Spondylolisthesis, & Scoliosis Surgery in Princeton

If you have back pain that cannot be relieved by pain medication or physical therapy, you owe it to yourself to see Dr. Allen Van at the Perry Memorial Orthopedic Clinic. Dr. Van completed a fellowship in spine surgery at Rush University Medical Center, recognized as one of the nation’s top teaching hospitals for orthopedics. With that high level of knowledge and experience, he serves patients in central Illinois, helping them find solutions that ease their back pain.

Using the most advanced technology and equipment available for spine surgery, Dr. Van operates in Perry Memorial Hospital’s state-of-the-art facilities. Before surgery is considered, however, Dr. Van thoroughly assesses each patient’s unique situation. Some patients may find their pain resolved by physical therapy, pain medication or wearing a back brace. Others may need spinal injections, such as nerve blockers. Dr. Van has the training and expertise to develop a comprehensive care plan uniquely tailored to each patient.

Spinal Conditions Treated at Perry Memorial Hospitalstock image of the back of a man with tire treads on the middle of his back

Some spine conditions, such as spinal stenosis, compress the nerves in the spine. This can cause pain, tingling, muscle weakness and numbness, and spinal surgery is usually required to treat
these symptoms. Other conditions affect the natural curvature of the spine and commonly occur in children during their preteen growth spurts. In these cases, surgery is needed to realign the spine.

Dr. Van performs spine surgery for the following conditions:

  • Spinal stenosis, often caused by osteoarthritis, in which the spaces in the spine are narrowed
  • Herniated disc pain caused when a disc between two vertebrae slips out of place
  • Spondylolisthesis pain caused when one of the lower vertebrae slips onto the vertebra below it
  • Spinal arthritis, of which there are many kinds with various causes
  • Sciatica, or leg pain caused by injury to the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back and down each leg
  • Scoliosis, a sideways curving of the spine
  • Kyphosis, a rounding of the back

Back Pain & Scoliosis Surgery in Princeton

To correct spinal conditions causing pain, inflammation, reduced mobility or unnatural curvature of the back, Dr. Van offers several non-surgical and surgical procedures and solutions:

  • Spinal injections to provide temporary pain relief for back pain
  • Spinal fusion involves permanently connecting two vertebrae
  • Laminectomy and foraminotomy procedures that remove part of a vertebra to relieve spinal stenosis or a compressed nerve; often combined with spinal fusion
  • Discectomy to remove the part of a herniated disc pressing on a nerve and causing pain
  • Disc replacement in which a diseased disc is replaced with an artificial one
  • Osteophyte removal to eliminate any bony growths on the spine 
  • Complex spinal reconstruction for scoliosis or kyphosis

Why Have Spine Surgery in Princeton?

Dr. Van’s extensive training and experience in spine surgery means that our area’s residents with back pain need to look only as far as their own backyard for state-of-the-art treatments. Perry Memorial Hospital’s warm and caring environment can help give you a better experience as you begin rehabilitation after surgery and start getting back to your normal life.

Appointments with Dr. Van are often available within a week, so call Perry Memorial Orthopedics today to find relief for your back pain sooner.

If you are ready to give your back the treatment it deserves, call 815-876-3033.