Hip Replacement

Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Surgery, Closer to Home in Princeton

Patients with severe, painful arthritis or those being treated for a hip fracture may need hip replacement surgery.  Dr. Allen Van, an experienced orthopedic surgeon at the Perry Memorial Orthopedic Clinic, is able to offer minimally invasive treatment options that help patients return to their normal lives sooner.

Hip replacement surgery is a common procedure.  As we age, many of us develop bone spurs and other irregularities on the surface of our hips’ ball-and-socket joints.  These can cause pain and stiffness that make it difficult to walk, climb stairs, get up out of chairs and simply perform normal everyday activities.  If doing these things causes pain in your hips or knees, treatments are available to manage this pain or get rid of it permanently.

close up of woman holding her back with a zipper attached to her hipTreatment Options for Hip Pain in Princeton

The first time Dr. Van meets his new patients, he thoroughly assesses their joint pain.  He reviews any imaging tests the patient has had of the painful joint or may order new ones.  Often, patients are treated through pain medications, physical therapy and exercises that can be done at home.  If these therapies stop working, however, it may be time for them to consider hip surgery.

Partial & Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Dr. Van, who has fellowship training from a teaching hospital highly renowned for orthopedics, offers hip procedures that replace some or all of the ball-and-socket joint. These operations restore the hip’s range of motion and eliminate the bone-rubbing-on-bone pain patients experienced before.

Depending on each patient’s unique set of needs, Dr. Van most often uses one of two approaches for hip replacement:

  • A posterior approach, through the back of the hip.  This is the most common approach and gives the orthopedic surgeon the best view of the joint.
  • An anterior approach, through the front of the hip.  This approach is more challenging for the surgeon.  However, because it is a minimally invasive procedure, recovery is sped up and patients usually have a shorter hospital stay.  Not every orthopedic surgeon is able to offer anterior hip replacement, but Dr. Van’s extensive training and experience mean that he is able to give some of his patients this option.

Benefits of Having Hip Replacement Surgery Closer to Home in Princeton

Choosing to have your hip replacement at Perry Memorial Hospital provides distinct advantages.  Our caring nurses and other healthcare professionals provide patients with a warm, personalized environment that larger hospitals don’t often have.  Dr. Van is a highly experienced surgeon who can offer patients the advanced orthopedic procedures they need that get them back to their daily activities faster.

Appointments with Dr. Van are often available within a week, so you can find relief for your hip pain sooner.

If you are ready to fix your hip pain and want to explore options close to home, call 815-876-3033 to see Dr. Van.