Perry Memorial Orthopedic Clinic

Entrust Your Bones & Joints to a Fellowship-Trained Orthopedic Surgeon in Princeton

When your bones and joints need attention, you can find pain relief and increased mobility while experiencing the warm, friendly care that only a local community hospital can deliver. At the Perry Memorial Orthopedic Clinic, Dr. Allen Van provides expert care while treating patients as if they were one of his own family members.

Dr. Van is a highly experienced, board-certified orthopedic surgeon whose adult and pediatric patients come to him with a wide variety of conditions. These orthopedic needs include joint pain, sports injuries, mobility issues, back pain, arthritis, orthopedic birth defects, repetitive use injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and others. He also treats urgent injuries such as bone fractures and others.

Dr. Van’s extensive training – including a fellowship at Rush University Medical Center, a top orthopedics teaching hospital – and years of experience provide patients with a high level of orthopedic expertise. He is currently offering consultations for new patients, with appointments often available within a week.

The Perry Memorial Orthopedic Clinic provides a full range of orthopedic treatments, including:Dr. Allen Van assessing an elderly female patients leg

Orthopedic Pain Relief Without Surgery

No matter your age, you shouldn’t be expected to live with pain or loss of motion in a joint or tendon. Dr. Van can carefully evaluate the cause of your pain and develop an ideal care plan that fits your needs. In many cases, patients’ orthopedic conditions are successfully handled with non-surgical treatments such as physical therapy or therapeutic injections that ease joint pain.

Orthopedic Surgery Solutions, Closer to Home in Princeton

However, if you do need surgery, you can take comfort in Perry Memorial’s highly caring community setting where you will receive personalized care. Dr. Van’s patients experience excellent outcomes after surgery, and the Perry Memorial Orthopedic Clinic receives a score of 4.89 out of 5 on surveys about whether our patients would recommend our clinic to others.

Dr. Van uses minimally invasive surgery to treat a variety of orthopedic needs. This approach, called arthroscopy, often leads to easier and faster recoveries with less pain and smaller scars. By using a thin, flexible tool called an arthroscope, Dr. Van can see inside the area of the joint or tendon he is operating on. He inserts small surgical instruments through keyhole incisions to complete the operation. Patients who have minimally invasive orthopedic surgery most often experience less pain and heal quickly. Dr. Van also provides joint replacement procedures that give patients pain-free mobility for many years to come.

A Team Approach to Orthopedic Care in Princeton

At Perry Memorial, you will receive team-based orthopedic care that sees you through diagnosis to pre- and post-operative care and along to physical rehabilitation. Our caring staff provides a friendly and comfortable experience. Dr. Van and his team make every effort to offer patients non-surgical treatments for pain before considering surgery. However, when surgery is necessary, Dr. Van makes use of state-of-the-art medical techniques and advanced technology to provide superior results. Then, during the healing process, the highly skilled Perry Memorial staff works as a team to help our patients recover to the fullest extent possible.

If you have an orthopedic condition that you know or suspect requires medical attention, make an appointment with Dr. Van today by calling 815-876-3033.

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