Handwriting without Tears

Is your child experiencing difficulties with mastering the skill of handwriting?

Handwriting without tears is a fun, educational program to improve the legibility and speed of handwriting. Consider providing a strong foundation to your child for communication success, a lifelong skill.

Memory, orientation, placement, word skills and sentence structure aid children in reading, writing, language use and critical thinking.

How does the program work?

Teachers are primarily responsible for a child’s handwriting instruction; however, some children require the additional help of an Occupational Therapist. Children Pre-K to 5th grade will meet with Courtney Engel, Perry’s Occupational Therapist who will evaluate the underlying components of your child’s muscle strength, endurance, coordination and motor control for your child’s ability to manage and master the written language.

  • Body posture is one key to coordinate the arms, hands, head and eyes for skill development.
  • Physical strength and endurance will be measured and evaluated.
  • Fine motor control, i.e., ability to hold a writing utensil will be analyzed.
  • Visual and perceptual ability to form letters and shapes using a writing utensil will be observed.
  • Collaborate with teachers to develop and evaluate handwriting curriculum strategies for your child.

What results can be expected?

Evaluation of your child’s handwriting may provide clues to possible developmental problems. Development of fine motor, visual perception and eye-hand coordination skills will impact your child’s handwriting abilities. A full assessment and remediation options will be provided. Your child’s learning depends on his/her written work. It is the measure teachers use to evaluate how well a child is learning.

Want to learn more?

Call Perry’s Medical Rehabilitation at 815-876-4494 to speak with Courtney and to learn more about the program.  Program admittance requires a physician’s order.