Our experts lead cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation

If you’ve had a heart attack or have other cardiac issues, or if you have any chronic lung disease, Perry Memorial Hospital has programs designed to teach you how to safely exercise and adapt to a new way of life in order to enjoy the highest level of health possible.

What is involved in Cardiac Rehabilitation?female nurse working with 2 male cardiopulmonary patients

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase II program offers a safe method of adapting to a new way of life for those who have suffered a heart attack, had cardiac procedures or undergone bypass surgery. Our program also offers people a controlled and safe way to learn their own exercise safety level. Participants enjoy involvement with people who have heart problems similar to their own and appreciate the special care given by Gloria Deffenbaugh, RN, Rehab Coordinator. The program also provides individualized education on numerous health topics related to heart disease and risk factors.

How is exercise intensity monitored?

Each participant’s exercise intensity is monitored utilizing prescribed heart rates, blood pressures, signs, symptoms and perceived exertion. While the program is very structured, the atmosphere is friendly and informal. 

What is involved in Pulmonary Rehabilitation?

Our Pulmonary Rehabilitation program is for people with chronic lung diseases such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, bronchiectasis or interstitial lung disease.

How is each patient’s exercise individualized?

Each patient’s exercise program is individualized with intensity, duration, frequency and mode and modified as the patient progresses. Oxymetry, cardiac monitoring and oxygen, if needed, are provided during exercise periods. While the program is very structured, the atmosphere is friendly and informal. The program also provides individualized education on numerous health topics related to lung disease and risk factors.

Is there a follow-up wellness program?3 men on cardio machines in cardiopulmonary room

Our Prevention and Wellness Exercise Program, Cardiopulmonary Phase III, is designed to develop and maintain fitness through a program of aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is used to reduce the risks of diabetes, obesity, peripheral vascular disease, hypertension, high cholesterol and others. Personalized, supervised exercise sessions for aerobic conditioning are available on a scheduled basis.

How long does each wellness session last?

Each session consists of 20-30 minutes of aerobic activity. Patients learn how to measure their own pulse. There is an out-of-pocket cost for these sessions. Payment is received prior to beginning the program. Prior enrollment in our Phase II program or our Pulmonary Rehabilitation program is required to be able to enroll in our Phase III program. An approval form signed by your physician is also required.

What if more monitoring is necessary?

The Perry Memorial Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Department offers Holter Monitors for outpatients. A Holter Monitor is a battery-operated portable device that measures and records your heart’s activity continuously for a specific amount of time. Monitoring can occur based on a doctor's order for 24-48 hours or for a specified time longer than 48 hours. The third monitor is a patch that is usually worn between 7 to 30 days, depending on the doctor's order.

The device is the size of a small camera that transmits information by a special cell phone provided to the patient. After the testing period, the patient returns the monitor and phone. A physician from HeartCare Midwest in Peoria will read the results. The physician will prepare a report for your provider.

How do I get a Holter Monitor?

A provider’s referral is needed for the Holter Monitor. Your provider’s nurse can call and schedule an appointment with Perry’s Medical Rehab Department to apply the monitor, or the patient can contact the Rehab Department directly and make an appointment at 815-876-4494.

How can I learn more about cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation at Perry Memorial Hospital?

For more information about Perry’s Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Department, please call 815-876-4472.