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Continue the legacy started 100 years ago

The Perry Memorial Hospital Foundation supports the hospital and its clinics by providing financial support.  Donations are used to fund major projects or purchase equipment beyond the budget constraints of Perry Memorial Hospital.  The Foundation was established in 1991 as a means for the community to donate and support local healthcare through tax-deductible gifts.

2020 Annual Giving Campaign

100 years of Perry Memorial Hospital thanks to people like Julia Rackley Perry

The entire story of Perry Memorial Hospital began with a gift from a woman who knew the difference a public hospital could make to Bureau County.  Now, 100 years later, Julia Rackley Perry's vision is still here.  Today, we are proud to celebrate an organization with five locations, eight clinics, 24 employed providers, more than 100 visiting specialists, and more than 300 employees.

All along the way, people have followed in Julia's footsteps.  Millions of dollars in donations over the past 100 years have sustained Perry Memorial Hospital through challenging times and propelled the quality of local healthcare services to new levels.  Generous support has given Perry Memorial Hospital the financial means to invest in the latest technologies, adapt to shifting healthcare services, and expand its facilities to meet the needs of the community.  

$100 for 100 years

Every dollar makes a difference, and this year's Foundation Campaign is asking for $100.  Simply put, $1 for every year Perry Memorial Hospital has served the community.  The 2020 Foundation campaign goal is to raise at least $10,000 to help fund future equipment and project needs.  All money raised by the Foundation will be used to support local health care needs through Perry Memorial Hospital.


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Our Goal

Each year, the Foundation seeks donations and In Memoriam gifts from the community.  The money raised through donations and ongoing investments is used to purchase needed equipment and to fund major projects.  In recent years, the Foundation has contributed between $50,000 and $200,000 in equipment purchases each year.  The Foundation has also pledged to help fund major construction projects, such as the Pharmacy renovation and the new Family Health Clinic construction in 2020.  As a non-profit hospital, these projects would not have been possible without the support of the Foundation and the community.

Past Donations

Choose how much to give

The Perry Memorial Hospital Foundation will gladly accept donations in any amount, but those who donate at least $100 will receive a "thank you," courtesy of the Foundation, including

  • An exclusive, extended edition DVD of the We are Perry history video series (read more below)
  • Surprise!  Commemorative 100th anniversary items

A donation of at least $100 helps put the Foundation well on its way to the $10,000 goal.

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Exclusive, extended edition of the


About We are Perry

In celebration of its 100th anniversary, Perry Memorial Hospital assembled a 4-part history documentary, covering the start and progression of healthcare in Bureau County.  We are Perry features more than 100 minutes of storyline spanning the mid-1800s to 2020.  The history is narrated and voiced by staff of Perry Memorial Hospital against the backdrop of stunning historic photos, videos, and newspaper clippings.  The documentary also showcases stories and perspectives from nine individuals, including a former CEO, retired physicians, and more!

We are Perry brings back to life the stories, challenges, and triumphs that shaped Perry Memorial Hospital and life in Bureau County over the past century.  The documentary was made possible through invaluable support from the Bureau County Historical Society in Princeton.

Extended Edition

The DVD version of We are Perry has been re-edited to include exclusive, never-before-seen photos, stories, and interviews.  Unlike the version released on Facebook and YouTube, the DVD documentary boasts more than 10 minutes of additional, unreleased content.

This keepsake documentary is only available through the Perry Memorial Hospital Foundation 2020 annual giving campaign, and only for a limited time.  Reserve your copy of history and help make a difference in community healthcare!

About Julia Rackley Perry

Julia Rackley was born on June 7, 1858, to some of the oldest settlers of Bureau County. She spent her life in Malden, IL, marrying a successful store owner named Jesse A. Perry.  

Julia Rackley Perry as a young girl in Malden, ILThrough a variety of experiences, Julia learned the importance of community health. For most of her life, there was not an area hospital for people to go to. Babies were born at home. The sick and injured recovered at home. Small town doctors used their limited knowledge to help people at a time when X-rays did not exist and diseases were not understood. And people tended to die at an early age.

The Perry's only son died when he was 9 years old. When Julia Rackley Perry died in 1913, she was 55, and she had suffered from an unknown illness for more than ten years. At the time of her death, the average life expectancy in the United States was even lower than 55. The latest advances in medicine were finding ways to live longer, but it required electricity, X-ray equipment, a sterile setting, and the money to be able to purchase it all. In Bureau County, the idea of a public hospital had been rejected multiple times because of the high costs.

By end of her life, Julia knew she could help overcome the financial obstacles to a community hospital, and she knew how much a hospital could benefit the people of Bureau County. Julia's final Will and Testament included the following statement:

"It has been my intention for many years to devote the larger part of my means to the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the world; and as I approach the end of mortal life, having suffered much myself from physical ills, I am convinced that one of the most effective methods of accomplishing that end is to provide means to relieve others who many have suffering to endure."

In all, Julia and Jesse Perry donated $52,356 (in modern terms, $1,159,839) to create a public hospital in Princeton. Julia Rackley Perry Memorial Hospital opened on June 17, 1920.

Julia's Legacy

Julia's generous donation inspired others to support the health of the community. More than $10,000 of additional funds were raised to support the hospital before it opened, and thousands more in the months after. Over the past 100 years, thousands of people have donated to support the hospital; the hospital's 8 major expansions would have never been possible without the donation of millions of dollars from the community, let alone all of the expensive equipment purchases.

All of the donations made over the past 100 years have propelled Perry into the future and helped to maintain quality healthcare. Every contribution, big or small, helps to set the stage for the next 100 years of care.


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Donations for the 2020 Foundation Annual Giving Campaign can be mailed or submitted online. Mailed donations should be sent to 

Perry Memorial Hospital Foundation
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When mailing, please include your phone number and email address so we can arrange for you to receive your "thank you" gift.

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Submit a donation in any amount using Paypal or a Debit/Credit card

About the Foundation

The Perry Memorial Hospital Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that may accept charitable contributions under the Internal Revenue Code.  All contributions are tax deductible, and every gift, large and small, is greatly appreciated.

Our Mission

The Perry Memorial Hospital Foundation enhances the quality of life, through philanthropy, for those served by Perry Memorial Hospital.


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