*John Ibrahim, M.D.

Personal Statement

My family taught me by example how to love, give, help, and support any human being in need, regardless of their status, religion, color, sex, or race.  Growing up in Egypt, I saw suffering everywhere.  People all across my city lacked primary health care.  I was compelled to help those in need, and practicing medicine became my one and only dream.  As I began my medical education, I did everything I could to help people diagnose and understand their diseases.  The experience was satisfying, humbling, and motivating.

During my clinical rotations, I developed a passion for Internal Medicine because of its depth.  I love the process of working with colleagues to reach a definite diagnoses and developing a plan for treatment using the latest knowledge. 

My family and the under-served in Egypt taught me the importance of integrity, respect, discipline, responsibility, and hard work.  I plan to always carry those qualities forward in my life.  My vision is to provide quality health care for patients and continue learning throughout my life.  I look forward to bringing smiles to the people served by Perry Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Ibrahim is currently serving as the medical director for Liberty Village nursing home in Princeton, IL.


Podcasts and Videos

Clinical Interests

Intensive and Acute Care


Dr. Ibrahim began his education at the Minia School of Medicine in Egypt, where he completed 5 years of the 7 year program before moving to the United States. Dr. Ibrahim finished his medical education at Avalon University of Medicine, in Willemstad, Curacao. He received his MD in 2015.


Dr. Ibrahim participated in the residency program at Mercy Hospital Medical Center in Chicago, IL, from 2016 until 2019.


HOPE Charitable Foundation Christian Medical and Dental Associations National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA)