Around-the-clock physician care

While you’re an inpatient at Perry Memorial Hospital, a team of physician specialists known as hospitalists will provide consistent, around-the-clock care for you. The Hospitalist Program at Perry Memorial Hospital manages and coordinates all aspects of a patient’s hospital stay, from admission to discharge. In addition, our Hospitalists work closely and collaborate with primary care physicians, emergency physicians and other specialty physicians to provide a seamless connection in the delivery of care.

Why is a Hospitalist caring for me?

Referrals for Hospitalist care are received from a primary care doctor, an emergency department doctor or a specialty physician. If an urgent need arises, the Perry Hospitalist is close by and will respond quickly.

What benefits do Hospitalists provide?hospitalist cross section diagram

Hospitalized patients have access to a physician familiar with their medical needs no matter what time of day — or night. If a patient’s condition worsens and requires immediate attention, both the Perry nursing staff and the Hospitalist are there to respond immediately to the patient’s room.

Hospitalists are just one component of the Perry staff who collaborate to provide a personalized, seamless and supportive treatment plan. The team also may include therapists, pharmacists and specialty doctors. 

Perry Hospitalists are available to answer patient and family questions whenever possible. During critical and stressful moments, they not only provide compassionate care but they are able to provide honest, considerate answers to patients and their families.

What happens after discharge from the hospital?

When patients are discharged from Perry, responsibility for their care returns to that of their primary care physician. The Hospitalists will communicate with the patient’s physician to discuss further treatment needs, help arrange follow-up care and prescribe any necessary medications. 

How will Hospitalist services be billed?

The services provided to the patient by a Perry Hospitalist will be billed through Perry Memorial Hospital.

Who are the Hospitalists at Perry?

Among the team of Hospitalists are the following: 

Christopher Blanford, MD
S. Das Pamnani, MD, PhD
Timothy Pratt, MD
Rick Cernovich, MD
Ketan Patel, MD

Who can I call if I have questions about the Hospitalist services at Perry?

Call Jean Welte at 815-876-2293.