Patient Advocate

We listen. We care. We are Perry.

Our primary goal at Perry Memorial Hospital is to deliver compassionate, quality care and excellent health services to the people and communities we serve. Perry’s Patient Advocate serves as a liaison between the hospital and patient. During your visit, if there is anything we can do to make your stay more pleasant and comfortable, please feel free to contact the Advocate at 815-876-2254 or ask one of your caregivers to contact the Patient Advocate on your behalf.

Patients and their families have the right to express concerns about the quality of service received at Perry Memorial Hospital. If we do not meet your expectations while caring for you, we recommend that you first share your concern with your nurse or physician. If you are uncomfortable and would prefer to discuss your concerns with a third party, Perry invites you to contact our Patient Advocate. 

The Perry Patient Advocate will allow you to speak in a confidential environment to share your concerns. Our goal is to listen closely to your concerns and explore and resolve issues that may have emerged during your stay. 

The Patient Advocate will also:

  • Serve as a liaison between patients, their families and the healthcare team to address quality of care concerns and provide service recovery.
  • Provide a formal avenue for grievance resolution.
  • Provide an organizational resource for maintaining complaint data and actions taken.
  • Assist our leadership in identifying patterns, trends and opportunities for patient care improvement.
  • Collaborate with departments, management and staff to address safety, risk, ethics and compliance to ensure any patient and family concerns have been resolved.
  • Help connect patients and families with available hospital resources to assist in complete healthcare.

You may receive a Customer Satisfaction Survey asking you to provide feedback regarding the services you have received at Perry Memorial Hospital. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey, as it provides valuable information on how we are doing in delivering our mission.

In addition, we know the importance of thanking and recognizing our staff plays such an important role in meeting your expectations. In this way, the Customer Satisfaction Survey provides an opportunity for you to let us know if any staff serving you provided a level of service which you felt was exceptional or noteworthy.  All of our staff members wear identification badges that include their first name and title. If possible, take note of the professionals serving you.

Remember, the Patient Advocate is here for you. You may contact the Patient Advocate with questions or comments by phone at 815-876-2254, by mail or you may make an appointment for a meeting at your convenience.


SpeakUp™ is an initiative supported in partnership with The Joint Commission.  The program encourages patients to "SpeakUp™ about your care!" by following these steps:

  • Speak up if you don't understand something or something doesn't seem right.
  • Pay attention to what is being explained.
  • Educate yourself about why and how to ask questions and who to ask.
  • Advocate for yourself by engaging family and friends as part of your care.
  • Know your medicine.
  • Use a quality healthcare organization for your care.
  • Participate in all decisions about your care.

Information about SpeakUp™ is available throughout Perry Memorial Hospital.  During your next visit, ask for a brochure and more information about SpeakUp™, and begin playing a more active role in your healthcare.