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Renewing Vows in the Perry Memorial Chapel

November 20, 2019

This week, in an intimate get-together full of humor and love, Wayne and Connie Anderson celebrated 25 years of marriage.  Wayne has volunteered as a Gold Coat for the past 10 years, and immediately thought of the Perry Memorial Chapel when they decided to renew their vows.  He said, "I always walk by it when I'm working as a Gold Coat, and it is a beautiful little chapel."  Unlike their original ceremony, this time they filled the room with family, friends, and neighbors, and a pastor to conduct the ceremony.

30 years ago, Wayne bumped into Connie at Jack's Jockey Club.  She asked him to dance, and the rest is history.  Five years later they decided to get married with a simple ceremony.  According to Connie, they went to the Bureau County Courthouse joined by "whatever wedding crashers were present."  

They joked that they will see everyone again in another 25 years, and shared a couple words of marriage wisdom: "you don't always have to be right," and "communication is the key to a lasting relationship."

Congratulations Wayne and Connie!  And thank you for your volunteer service!