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Expanding the Role in Internal Medicine, Chronic Care

September 17, 2019

The Family Health Clinic is growing its support for patients with chronic conditions with the addition of two physicians focused on Internal Medicine, Dr. S. Das Pamnani and Dr. John Ibrahim

Dr. Pamnani is now seeing patients and Dr. John Ibrahim will join the team October 1.  Internal Medicine provides an emphasis on disease processes and allows an internist to look further into the cause and solution to a chronic condition.  Internal medicine supports patients in preventing and managing chronic diseases.  Their addition to the Family Health Clinic team will also be extended as both physicians will provide hospitalist services, treating patients admitted to our Acute Care Unit or Intensive Care Unit.

Dr. Pamnani has a passion for research.  "I have always loved learning and researching, which has led me to where I am today," he said.  He studied medicine and surgery in India, and continued his study in public health at Northern Illinois University.  After graduating, his next step was to pursue a PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Southern Florida, where he participated in a variety of research initiatives.  Dr. Pamnani completed his residency supporting patients at Brandon Regional Hospital, a 422-bed acute care facility.

In his personal statement, Dr. Pamnani said, "My goal is to use my experience and access to the latest research to find the root cause of my patients' chronic conditions and diseases, and work together to treat and manage those conditions.  I want my patients suffering from long-term diseases to have a fresh start and live a full life."

Dr. Ibrahim comes from a family interested in medicine, including many pharmacists.  His interests lead him to go behind the scenes to learn about diseases, their origins and the need for medicine.  Dr. Ibrahim was born and raised in Egypt, and his innate compassion motivated him to study how to care for the poor people across his city who had no access to primary care.  He volunteered his time, spending hours diagnosing their diseases and educating them on how to manage it.  He said, "The experience was satisfying, humbling, and motivating."

"My family taught me by example how to love, give, help, and support any human being in need, regardless of their status, religion, color, sex, or race.  My family and the under-served in Egypt taught me the importance of integrity, respect, discipline, responsibility, and hard work.  I plan to always carry these qualities forward in my life."

Dr. Ibrahim completed his residency at Mercy Hospital Medical Center, a teaching facility, and worked in a collaborative team culture surrounded by experts using advanced treatment and care to help patients with chronic diseases live longer, healthier lives.  

The addition of Dr. Pamnani and Dr. Ibrahim will allow them to provide up to date diagnosis, treatment, and education for their patients, based on the latest research.  Teaming up with Deb Nissen, RN, A Better You chronic disease management coordinator, the care team together will help patients who have two or more chronic diseases to manage.  Deb provides services including coordinating appointments, sharing data between providers, and educating on how to manage the chronic conditions.  Welcome, Dr. S. Das Pamnani and Dr. John Ibrahim!