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Proud of the Work Done

July 5, 2019

On Friday, July 5th, Perry staff gathered to celebrate the retirement of John Crew from plant operations.  John said, "I will miss the people the most.  There is a great group of people working at this hospital."

John explained that before working at Perry Memorial Hospital, he bounced around in many jobs, working maintenance or manufacturing.  After spending some time working in area nursing homes, he decided to try working at a hospital instead, and ended up spending almost 17 years finishing his career at Perry.  

In the maintenance department, John managed the plumbing.  "I don't have any actual training in plumbing," he explained.  Over many years of watching plumbers work and helping out, he felt comfortable doing it for himself.  Annette Schnabel, CEO and Mark Humphries, Director of Plant Operations, commended John for the value he added to Perry's maintenance crew.

Now as he enters retirement, John has scheduled some mandatory time to relax and enjoy a break with his wife, who is also recently retired.  If the weather is nice, he plans to play golf and ride his bicycle.  After that, he plans to do a little work as a handyman for low-income families who cannot afford local services.  

Congratulations, John!  Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!

(Pictured left to right:  Annette Schnabel, John Crew, Mark Humphries)