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Perry Attends IHA Quality Advocacy Showcase

April 15, 2019

Springfield—A Perry Memorial Hospital initiative to improve diabetes care and outcomes through education was on display in the State Capitol on April 3 as part of the Illinois Health and Hospital Association’s (IHA) 4th annual Quality Advocacy Showcase.  Perry Memorial Hospital leaders Debora May-Rickard, Chief Nursing Officer and Celia Goers, Director of Care Management met with legislators to share how the initiative has benefited patients, families and communities while reducing healthcare costs.

Perry Memorial Hospital leaders were among over 100 hospital and health system leaders from across Illinois who met with legislators about their efforts to improve patient care and safety.  In sum, 90 hospitals and health systems showcased their improvement projects at the event.

“I found this event to be very enlightening and productive,” said Debora May-Rickard, Chief Nursing Officer.  “I was able to connect with our legislators to provide my stance on pending healthcare legislation. Secondly, the ability to connect with 98 other Illinois facilities and discuss quality strategy and share options on common needs and quality of patient care was excellent.”

Rickard met with Rep. Dan Swanson during the event.  Rickard said, “I found Rep. Swanson to be very engaged and informed of our current health care needs and discussions.  He shared interesting information to support the future growth of our community and healthcare.”

With a focus on Diabetes, Perry Memorial Hospital’s project trained a diabetes self-education management coordinator, implemented “Living Well and Feeling Well” education classes and offers nutritional therapy with Perry licenses dieticians.  The hospital invested $6200 in training and marketing realizing a cost savings of $160,000 in reduced admissions.  For the patients, families, and communities served by Perry Memorial Hospital, the project:

  • Improves diabetes self-management
  • Promotes preventive health and lifestyle changes
  • Increases access to local resources

IHA’s Quality Advocacy Showcase, in its fourth year, visually demonstrates the work of physicians, nurses, quality improvement leaders and hospital administrators to develop and implement solutions to improve care.  IHA produced one 30-by-42-inch poster per hospital or health system project for the event.

“The Showcase gives hospital leaders and frontline staff an important opportunity to share their efforts to advance quality care,” said IHA President and CEO A.J. Wilhelmi. “It’s essential that policymakers and elected officials see how Illinois hospitals are doing more to serve their patients and communities—through innovation and practical strategies that improve outcomes.”