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FHC Welcomes Back a Familiar Face

April 8, 2019

Carol Debruhl first started her career at Perry 35 years ago.  Using education assistance, she slowly worked her way through coursework to earn her RN in 1984, BSN in 1989, and her MSN/PRN in 1993.  She was slated to be the provider for Perry’s rural health clinic in LaMoille in 1996.  When the rural health clinics were closed, Carol left Perry in 1999.  Now, twenty years later, she is returning as the Geriatric Care APRN to provide care at Liberty Village. 

In her time away from Perry, Carol has developed a keen interest in Internal Medicine.  "Health starts the day we are born," said Carol.  She says it is important to take care of yourself and create a healthy lifestyle.  Carol enjoys the outdoors boating, fishing, hiking and walking.  When Mother Nature is not on her side, she curls up with a good book and reads a variety of investigative to heartwarming genres.  

She shared, “I am looking forward to using my 35 years of experience at Liberty Village helping Perry patients who may be in the last stages of life, manage their care.” Carol has come full circle.