Preventable, Treatable, Manageable

You are able!

With today's medical knowledge, you have the ability to prevent, treat, or manage many diseases if you live proactively.  It should not be scary to visit your doctor or even to find out you have a disease; it is even scarier to not detect the disease at all, or to detect later, after it has progressed even further.

How am I ABLE to PREVENT health problems?

When someone turns 60, and they have a heart attack, it didn't just happen because they turned 60.  Everything that led up to that heart attack, started at 20.  You are able to prevent many diseases and health problems.

We can and should take care of our bodies over the course of our lives.  By forming positive lifestyle habits early on, and sticking with them, we can reduce the risk factors and keep our bodies stronger and healthier, for longer.

How am I ABLE to TREAT health problems?

You are able to treat health problems, starting with detection.  By actively scheduling appointments with your primary care provider and scheduling health screenings, mammograms, colonoscopies, etc., you are able to catch problems early, when they are more easily treated.

When a problem is detected, you are able to partner with primary or specialized providers to create a plan for treatment.  

How am I ABLE to MANAGE health problems?

As we age, it is inevitable that some health problems will arise that might not be treatable.  Even diseases like COPD, diabetes, arthritis, can be managed with the help of your primary care provider.  By working closely and often with your provider, you are able to keep diseases and health problems from progressing.