Health Screenings



Location has been moved to the Cardiopulmonary Rehab room located in the Medical Office Building (north building) located off Park Avenue East.  Please wear a mask and arrive at the time of your appointment.  Call 815-876-3313 or 815-876-2050 to register.

Detect and Prevent

Health screenings are a key component to achieve the health and wellness goal.  Screenings can detect problems early and help you prevent disease progression. 

What are the benefits of Perry's reduced health screening?close up of lab employee adding sample to machine to be tested

When performed outside of the screening, these five tests cost $926.  Even after insurance, they can still be expensive.  The reduced health screening costs only $113 for all five tests.  In addition, the tests do not require an order from a provider, and the results are ready within two or three business days.  

What tests does Perry offer through its health screenings?

The reduced health screening includes five tests.  You may choose to have all or any of the five tests completed.  Consult with your primary care provider to find out which tests might be most beneficial to you. No provider order is needed for these tests, but you must provide a physician’s name and address to receive test results.

  • Chemistry profile*  $31
    • evaluates state of physical well-being
  • Lipid profile*  $25 
    • evaluates the risk of developing cardiovascular disease *
    • includes total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides
  • A1C  $25
    • diabetes maintenance screening for three-month average
  • Thyroid-TSH  $23
    • evaluates thyroid function and disorder
  • Hemogram  $9
    • evaluates anemia and looks for infection
  • Requires 12-hour fasting. 

How do I pay for the health screening?

The reduced health screening does not qualify for insurance.  The tests must be paid with cash or check only at the time of the screening.

When are reduced health screenings offered?

Perry offers reduced health screenings three times a year, in addition to screenings held at the Henry and Walnut clinics.  Call 815-876-3313 or 815-876-2050 to find out the upcoming dates and to register.  The dates are also listed on Perry's online events calendar.


2021 Schedule: TBD

How do I get the results from a health screening?

Results from health screenings are ready within a few days of the screening.  They can viewed by logging in to My PerryHealth.  You can also contact your primary care provider (listed on your registration form) to discuss the results.

How do I register for a health screening?

Reduced health screenings require pre-registration. To register, call 815-876-3313 or 815-876-2050.