Annual Well Visits

Want to live a long and healthy life? 

Annual well visits are the ANSWER.

From Pediatrics to Geriatrics, annual well visits provide the ability to catch problems early, when they are more treatable.  Even if you only see your Primary Care Provider once a year, you can be assured that your Provider will compare and monitor your health and wellness over time.female nurse examining the ears of a teenage female patient

Honest communication with your provider during your annual visit is a crucial component to taking an active role with your health.  Together, you and your provider can create a health care plan to fit your needs.  And sharing your questions and concerns may help your provider detect early symptoms of a disease.

What should I ask my provider during my well visit?

Here are some topics to help you create your own list of questions for your PCP.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter what your age!

  • What is your family health history? Is there information your provider should know?
  • Have your sleeping patterns changed?
  • Has your appetite increased or decreased lately?
  • Are you having occasional pain in joints, abdomen or anywhere else?
  • Are you considering implementing an exercise routine?
  • Have you had a medical emergency or fall since your last visit?
  • Have you implemented vitamins, new medication or over the counter medication since your last visit? 
  • What annual screening tests do I need based on my age, health, family history and lifestyle?
  • Is my weight within a healthy range?male and female doctors helping male patient
  • Is my blood pressure within a healthy range?
  • Are my medications still relevant?
  • Based on my family history am I at risk for certain disease or conditions?
  • Does my lifestyle present issues I should be aware of?
  • What can I do to learn more about my health?
  • What should I do before my next appointment?

What if I don't have a Primary Care Provider?

It's never too late to establish a relationship with a provider.  A regular provider can recommend the appropriate screenings you may need, depending on your sex, age and health status, such as a mammogram, a colonoscopy or a check of your cholesterol numbers.  A regular provider will know what insurance you have and what pharmacy you use, greatly lessening the chance of you having to deal with such matters while struggling with an illness.

The Perry Memorial Family Health Clinic has numerous doctors and advanced practice nurses as well as a pediatrician.  If you prefer a provider closer to your home, additional clinics are available. Consider the Walnut Clinic and the Henry Clinic.

Is my well visit covered by my insurance?

Specific health concerns may not be covered by your insurance as part of your yearly well visit.  If you have concerns about whether a charge for an additional office visit will be generated, ask your health care provider for more information or call a patient financial counselor at one of the following numbers, based on your last name:

A through L: 815-876-2067
M though Z: 815-876-4431

Preventative health care is the way of the future.  If your New Year's resolution is to stay healthy and keep your body fit, make the call to your provider today!