Family Health

Keep your whole family healthy with a primary healthcare provider

Mothers usually have an obstetrician when they give birth. Their children often see a pediatrician. But what about a primary care provider for Mom to provide non-obstetrical, non-gynecological care? And does Dad ever see a doctor at all?

Why does everyone need a primary healthcare provider?mother and father on either side of their small child holding her hands

You may feel perfectly healthy today, but if you develop a sudden illness, where would you turn for treatment? Perry Memorial Prompt Care can fill in when your regular doctor isn’t available, but visiting Prompt Care is not meant to be a substitute for having a regular primary care provider. You need an existing relationship with a doctor or other primary care provider who knows you and your health history.

When is the best time to choose a primary healthcare provider?

The best time is now! Don’t wait until you’re ill or concerned about some frightening symptoms. And if you should need specialized care, it’s better to already have a primary care provider who has knowledge of your health history and can refer you to the appropriate specialist who is right for you.

What can a regular primary healthcare provider do that another provider cannot?

Your regular provider can address not only the illness at the moment but your ongoing state of health as well. Your regular provider can recommend the appropriate screenings you may need, depending on your sex, age and health status, such as a mammogram, a colonoscopy or a check of your cholesterol numbers. Your regular provider will know what insurance you have and what pharmacy you use, greatly lessening the chance of you having to deal with such matters while struggling with an illness.

How can I find a primary healthcare provider?

The Perry Memorial Family Health Clinic has numerous doctors and advanced practice nurses as well as a pediatrician. If you prefer a provider closer to your home, additional clinics are available. Consider the Walnut Clinic and the Henry Clinic.

How can I reach the Perry Memorial Family Health Clinic?

Call 815-875-4531.