Reviews Make a Difference

Feedback makes a difference for everyone

Feedback and reviews from patients allows our staff to make adjustments to the quality of care we provide over time.  Reviews help other people who are looking for a service or a provider decide where to go.  Reviews help our organization know how we are doing in meeting our patient satisfaction goals.

The only thing it costs to leave feedback, is time.  Five minutes of your time could make all the difference in the world to someone who is not sure where to go for care.

How can I leave a review on Google?

Google reviews play a significant role in today's world.  Reviews left on Google are often the first thing people see when searching for a business or service.  At Perry, we believe in the power of these reviews and how they help guide people to the right place for care.  In addition to Perry Memorial Hospital, we have made it possible to leave reviews for any of the Perry-owned clinics and providers.

In order to leave a review on Google, you will need to have a Gmail account.  

Follow these Steps to Leave a Google Review:

  1. Search for the clinic or provider on Google (i.e. "Perry Memorial Prompt Care" or "Dr. Blanford").

  2. Scroll down until you see the Write a Review button.

  3. Click Write a Review.  (If you are not signed in to your Gmail account, it will ask you to sign in.)

  4. A box will pop up, allowing you to select a star rating and write out details of your experience.

  5. Click Post.


What are other ways I can leave a review?

If you have visited any of Perry's clinics, the Emergency Room, or received care in the hospital, you may receive a survey in the mail.  These surveys are completely confidential, and the responses are reviewed closely.  Results from the survey help guide our quality scores and create plans for improving our services.  Whether your experience at Perry was positive, negative, or otherwise, we appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey honestly.  

If you have questions about your survey, please contact customer service by calling 815-876-2254.

What should I do if I have concerns about my care?

We do not want anyone to leave Perry dissatisfied with their care.  If you have concerns or complaints about your experience, our Patient Advocate would be very happy to speak with you.  Perry's Patient Advocate works with patients and family members to understand your negative experience and work closely with Perry's staff to resolve the issue.  Our Patient Advocate wants to make sure your experience does not happen again, for anyone.

How do I contact the Patient Advocate?

Call 815-876-4498.