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Ep. 44: Nutrition choices during COVID-19

May 26, 2020

Given the Stay-at-Home orders and need to social distance, it is easy to fall into a new, less healthy routine.  For many, that routine may involve laying on the couch, watching TV all day, and only getting up to grab a new bag of chips or refill your glass of soda.  Whether that scenario applies to you or not, the one thing we are all struggling with is eating healthy.

Going to the grocery store is challenging now, and we tend to rush in and out, instead of taking the time to collect ingredients for a recipe or be selective about the quality of our choices.  We often rush through the aisles filling our carts with whatever grabs our attention along the way.

And once we get back home, the whole concept of portions goes out the window.  Even though we are less active and burning less calories, we often consume the same, if not more, calories.  

On this episode of the Pulse podcast, registered dietitians Ashley Kannenberg and Elyse Boroski share some tips and tricks of how to continue to enjoy tasty foods while managing portions and quality.  




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