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Ep. 38: GMOs vs Organic vs ... Everything else

March 17, 2020

Are GMOs safe to eat?  There tends to be so much negative hype surrounding GMOs that it is difficult to know what is safe to eat, let alone what is GMO and what is not.  And then there is organic produce.  Is it worth the higher price tag?  What makes it "organic?"

Our grocery stores and food options are always evolving.  No matter what, the government does and will play a huge role in the food process, especially by inspecting and researching the health effects of various foods.  Fortunately, that also means that almost all food in a grocery store is safe (though not necessarily healthy).  When it comes to produce and meat, don't worry!  Double check the expiration/sell by date, and cook away.  

Elyse Boroski, Registered Dietitian, joins this episode of the Pulse to share the careful inspection process and discuss the fact and fiction surrounding GMOs and organic foods.  




Elyse Boroski, RDN

Nutrition Counselor, Perry Memorial Hospital


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