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Ep. 37: Nutrition Myths Lightning Round (Part 2)

March 3, 2020

Rumors about food and nutrition tend to spread like wildfire, and over time, certain rumors stick around and become commonplace.  Fortunately, modern research and medical knowledge can weigh in on nutrition rumors and help sort out what is true and what is false.  In this episode, we explore what the latest research has to say about these nutritional rumors:  
 - Canned food is not healthy because of preservatives
 - Brown sugar is healthier than white sugar
 - Eating fat makes you fat
 - A gluten-free diet is healthier for everyone

Ashley Kanneberg, Registered Dietitian and Director of Perry's Food and Nutrition Services department, joins this episode of the Pulse to discuss the fact and fiction surrounding these rumors.  

Regardless of the rumor, there is one major takeaway for everyone:  everything is okay in moderation.  The trick is knowing how much or little of something to consume.  Even vegetables cause you to gain weight when too much is eaten.  



Ashley Kannenberg, RDN provides Nutritional Counseling at Perry Memorial Hospital

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