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Ep. 27: Signs your parents may need help to stay independent

December 17, 2019

As people age, no one likes the idea of losing their independence.  In many cases, the symptoms of aging happen slowly and are never dealt with, because they are considered normal.  Falling, bumps and bruises, and forgetfulness should not be considered normal, and could be signs of other health concerns.  Paying attention to those signs and seeking help can make a difference of years, and avoid time admitted to a hospital or nursing home.

Adult children coming home to visit for the holidays are in a perfect position to assess if their parents need help.  When a few months or even a year has passed since the last visit, it can be easy to see the difference in mood, hygiene, or health.  Convincing their parents to seek help and answers might be the most challenging part of the process.

Home care can be a perfect solution for people with these symptoms, all done in the comfort of a patient's own home.  Medical rehab staff can help improve balance and strength, and recommend changes to avoid falling.  Skilled nurses can help educate on medications and take steps to keep the patient independent.  

Colleen Sailer, RN, Director of Perry Home Care, joins this episode of the Pulse to discuss what children should look for during holiday visits, and how to get the home care process started.


Colleen Sailer, RN, Director of Perry Memorial Home Care

Colleen Sailer, RN

Director, Perry Memorial Home Care

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