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Ep. 25: How reliable is Cologuard®?

December 3, 2019

No one considers a colonoscopy fun.  In fact, many people are repulsed by the very idea of a colonoscopy, despite the importance of catching colon cancer early.  With today's medical knowledge, colorectal cancer can be treated much more easily and effective when it is caught early through a colonoscopy screening.

Nevertheless, the colonoscopy is very inconvenient.  It includes fasting, drinking a "prep" to clean out the colon, being drowsed or even put under, and spending the rest of the day tired.  The colonoscopy takes a mental and physical toll, and that is why many people opt for alternatives, such as Cologuard®.

Cologuard® does not require any of those steps.  Cologuard® works by checking a variety of DNA samples to see if any colorectal cancer may be affecting the cells in the colon.  Cologuard® is a little more likely to give a false positive result.  Either way, if the result comes back positive, the next step is to go through the full colonoscopy.

Genetics- or chemical-based healthcare is not entirely accurate, and most likely never will be.  Having the traditional colonoscopy, which is becoming easier and more efficient every year, comes with a variety of major advantages.  

On this episode of the Pulse, family practice physician Dr. Arnold Faber and Director of Outpatient Services Lisa Ackerman, RN, shared their experience and expertise about when people should be screened for colon cancer, and which screening is more effective.


Lisa Ackerman, RN

Director of Outpatient Services, including Special Procedures


Colonoscopy Procedures:  What Happens and How to Prep

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