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Ep. 24: The nutrition of a Thanksgiving meal

November 26, 2019

One plate of food from Thanksgiving dinner, using appropriate serving sizes, can take up all or most of the calories a person should consume in an entire day.  Imagine how much extra a person would consume by eating seconds or thirds, multiple desserts, and appetizers before the meal, all while heaping the plate high each time.  

Of course, there is also hoping the turkey was thawed properly and doesn't sit out too long to grow holiday-ruining bacteria.  Handling and cooking such a large bird requires a food safety mindset.

Even during the holidays, health should be top of mind.  There are always ways to reduce the number of calories without ruining the taste or quality of the food, but the best part is that nothing is off limits.  Enjoy the meal, yet don't over do it.  

Elyse Boroski, RDN, joins this episode of the Perry Health Pulse to discuss the traditional Thanksgiving meal, including calories and nutrition facts, how to thaw, cook, and store the turkey safely, and ways to reduce calories without sacrificing taste.



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