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Ep. 23: Holiday eating habits for people with diabetes

November 19, 2019

When fall comes around, there are lots of opportunities for people to overeat or eat unhealthy foods.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, watching football games....  For people with diabetes, the tradition and fun atmosphere makes it easy to forget how the food can affect their blood sugars.  

The problem comes from more than just over-indulging.  It comes from waiting to eat to "save room" for the big meal.  It comes from stacking a plate high with food, including sugary and carb-heavy options.  It comes from partaking in leftovers too soon after the main meal.  And it comes from laying around after filling up with delicious food.

All of these things can contribute to high glucose, which can be very damaging to multiple systems in the body, and which is not as noticeable as low levels.  Instead of risking that damage, consider preparing ahead of time.  Find out what food will be available, and make a plan.  Schedule times to stop, exercise a little (walking is just fine), and test your blood.  After eating, force yourself to wait, to make sure you are really hungry for seconds before rushing back to the buffet.  And pace yourself; give your body time to adjust, and make sure your eyes are not bigger than your stomach.

It is very reasonable for people with diabetes to enjoy good meals for the holidays, while still being healthy.  Bianca Ramira, DNP, nurse practitioner in the Family Health Clinic, joins the Pulse podcast to discuss the problems people with diabetes face during the holidays, and how to be safe and healthy instead.



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