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Ep. 20: Chronic diseases don't end, but they are not "the" end

October 29, 2019

People can live healthy and happy lives for many years with chronic diseases.  Even though the disease does not go away, or sometimes never improve, healthcare professionals know enough to help people manage their disease and live a full life.  The greatest challenge is getting people to stop fearing visits to the hospital or routine screenings.  Appointments with providers and blood tests are a great step in trying to catch problems early and treat them before they progress.  

Modern research has made it possible to do more than scratch the surface on chronic diseases, to know what causes them, what makes the symptoms more or less severe, and how to manage them successfully.  With the guidance of a primary provider and frequent meetings, it can be done.  Insurance providers and many employers are getting on board with chronic disease management, offering routine screenings and support.  

Support groups, education, and resources are becoming more and more readily available, including Perry's "A Better You" chronic disease management program.  On this episode of the Pulse, Dr. S. Das Pamnani, Internal Medicine physician, and Deb Nissan, RN and coordinator of the "A Better You" program, come together to discuss chronic diseases, and how they can be caught and managed.


Deb Nissan

"A Better You" Program Coordinator


Health Screenings

About Chronic Diseases - CDC