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Ep. 9: Meeting the needs of seniors and veterans

July 9, 2019

Seniors and veterans in rural areas tend to be less aware of resources available and less able to access those resources.  Illinois Rep. Dan Swanson is working to increase both awareness and access across the board, including healthcare, finances, and employment.  Rep. Swanson joins the Pulse for a discussion of why seniors and veterans face those challenges and what can be done to help, including an event on July 24, 2019.

Episode Summary

In an increasingly digital world, it is becoming easier and easier to find resources online.  Businesses and services are listed online instead of the newspaper, job postings are online, even tax forms, driver's license renewals, and state documents are moving towards digital.  For many people, this strategy is convenient.  Faster, easier to find, less paper, etc.  However, seniors, especially in rural areas, are falling behind because of the online emphasis.  They are not as familiar with technology, and therefore often struggle to know what resources are available to them or how to access them.  Many programs and policies are in place to support seniors and veterans, yet the biggest struggle is making sure they know what is out there.  

From Tuesday, July 23, until Friday, July 26, Rep. Dan Swanson is hosting a series of "Veterans' and Seniors' Resource Fairs" to bring together those organizations with resources to support them.  Families can interact with real people from agencies, companies, and organizations to learn and share their experiences.  Not only is it an opportunity to receive information and education about what is available, but it is also an opportunity to voice concerns with Rep. Swanson and for organizations to learn where the unfulfilled needs are.  

On July 24, the Veterans' and Seniors' Resource Fair will be held in Princeton at the Bureau County Metro Center.  It will be co-hosted by Perry Memorial Hospital, and will include a variety of presentations by family providers and the opportunity to meet and speak with professionals from a variety of healthcare departments.  Additionally, the Princeton Rotary Club has partnered with Perry to make possible an Iron Lung exhibit.  People of all ages can benefit from this event.


Dan Swanson, State Representative (Illinois 74th District)



Dan Swanson (State Representative - District 74)

Veterans' and Seniors' Resource Fair