Perry Announces HealthChoice Illinois Managed Health Plan Participation

January 9, 2018

On December 28, 2017, the Illinois Department of Human Services announced a new, expanded statewide program for Medicaid recipients, called HealthChoice Illinois. With HealthChoice Illinois, you will need to enroll with a primary care provider (PCP) in a managed care health plan. The new program streamlines administration, includes tools to measure and promote success and incorporates a coordinated care system that addresses the total health history and needs of each member.

HealthChoice Illinois offers you several choices of managed care health plans. Perry Memorial Hospital, and the Perry Clinics located in Princeton, Walnut, and Henry, will participate in three of the managed health care plans: Blue Cross Community, Meridian and Illinicare. With this change, Perry can now accept patients covered by any of these three plans, and it does not matter where the patient lives. Please note, this new program affects Medicaid patients only. By choosing one of these options, we can continue to offer you excellent healthcare, close to home.

According the IDHS website, HealthChoice Illinois will begin to mail out education and enrollment packets on January 8, 2018. These packets will provide each individual with information about their plan choices, the timeframe for making a plan choice and how to get more information or assistance with making a plan choice.

You will have until April 8, 2018 for initial sign up. As a new enrollee, you will have ninety-days to change your selected provider, if you choose to change.   When you have questions and/or are ready to choose a plan, you can call Illinois HFS Client Enrollment Services at 877.912.8880.